Translation performed by a professional translator who has the necessary experience, appropriate knowledge in the specific field, a suitable level of linguistic competences and uses advanced IT solutions. This service is suited to texts translated from both English into Polish and from Polish into English, which are used for private or internal purposes within an organization.


A service that involves checking a translation by a native speaker of English. This service is particularly suitable for texts translated from Polish into English. Proofreading guarantees that a text translated by a professional translator is not only substantively correct as well as consistent with the source, but also ensures exceptional stylistic quality and fluency.


A service that involves a thorough and meticulous verification of a translation by another translator who has the necessary experience, required knowledge in the specific field, a suitable level of linguistic competences and uses advanced IT solutions. This service is ideal for texts translated both from English into Polish and from Polish into English. Such an additional substantive verification ensures that a translation (including translation of scientific articles) prepared by a professional translator is carefully checked in terms of the terminology used, phrases, nomenclature, etc., as well as meets all the current standards and requirements.


Localization involves adapting a translated product to the conditions and realities of the target community. This service includes comprehensive research of the target culture with the aim of adapting the translated product to local needs and requirements. Localization is designed mostly for software, video games, websites as well as various forms of multimedia content. The main aim of localization is to prepare a product in English in such a manner that the recipient is convinced that the product is fully compliant to the local standards taking into consideration all the differences resulting from local forms of spelling or dialects.


Before commencing work on a given project we make every effort possible to determine the needs of our clients, and it is because of this that the finished product is fully compatible and in compliance with those needs. We are also trying to involve the clients and include them in the process of translation to ensure that all decisions are in conformity with their expectations.

All activities are carried out in a controlled manner by proven translators and proofreaders, and every project is submitted for internal verification before it is returned to the client. It is only in this way that we are able to ensure the maximum quality of our services.

Our customers especially appreciate the simple and understandable rules of cooperation, meeting the agreed deadlines and reliable settlement of the services provided.

  • 15 years of experience

    Lantra Translations is a brand owned by Language Solutions – a company operating on the Polish and European translations market since 2005. Owing to our many years of experience, the thousands of projects we have completed and a proven team of reliable translators, we are experts in the translation of different types of texts from Polish into English and from English into Polish. 

  • Transparent rules

    Before commencing a translation, we prepare a quote and present detailed rules of cooperation as well as the exact date when the service will be completed. The client knows perfectly well how the whole translation process will proceed and what its final price will be.

  • Quality and price guarantee

    We operate in accordance with the guidelines contained in the ISO 17100 standard, which defines the specific requirements for companies that provide translation services. We ensure maximum consistency as well as high substantive and linguistic quality of our translations. We have full control over the service provided at all times, and we set the price and conditions before the translation process begins.

  • Support 24/7

    Lantra Translations wants to provide its clients with flexible solutions, so we guarantee full support and assistance in emergencies, even around the clock. We focus on professional and effective communication with our clients by phone or e-mail.


Business and marketing

We collaborate with specialists and professional translators for whom there are no secrets in the world of business and marketing. Their experience, creative thinking and superior language skills allow them to meet even the most demanding expectations of our clients.

Finance and economics

Our translators are exceptional specialists in economics and finance, with many years of experience in translating documents from these areas. Their translations comply with all legal regulations and standards applicable on the market.


The complexities of the law can make your head spin. Luckily, the translators collaborating with Lantra Translations have the relevant qualifications, knowledge and experience, thanks to which the documents prepared for our clients are fully compatible with the requirements and fulfil all expectations.

Medicine and science

Our translators are mostly specialists in particular areas of medicine or science, who have the necessary language and professional skills to translate any medical or scientific text in accordance with the standards, good practices and the client's requirements.

Our Clients

We started our cooperation with Lantra Translations in 2007. It resulted, among others, in the translation of several hundred medical articles from many, including niche fields of dentistry, published in the scientific journal ‘e-Dentico’. Reliability, credibility, punctuality, predictability, extraordinary attention to both the correctness of translations and the editorial form of the provided texts, personal culture at the highest level – these are the terms that most accurately describe the style of Lantra Translations. I strongly recommend working with Lantra Translations.

Since 2017, the employees of the Department of Molecular Genetics of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection of the University of Lodz have been using the services provided by Lantra Translations. We are very impressed with the professional service and efficient communication, as well as high quality translations of various scientific papers and articles. I strongly recommend this company as a business partner.

Lantra Translations has been preparing our annual financial statements in English for 3 years now. What counts for us is the precision of translations, speed of operation and certainty that the documents accurately reflect the source meaning. Every single time we get exactly what we want.

Translating training materials and marketing and commercial presentations requires special skills and competences. First of all, language must accurately reflect our working methods. Secondly, the translated content – thanks to the colourful language – should be easy to remember. Thirdly, language must be part of our company philosophy. Thanks to Lantra Translations we can focus on our tasks and do not have to worry about the quality of the translated materials. We receive a service that always meets all our requirements and needs.

Since 2005, Lantra Translations has been a trustworthy and reliable provider of translations of various texts and materials for Supernova. Being a distributor of cosmetics and Spa equipment, promotional materials offered by Supernova always need to be of highest quality. Lantra Translations guarantees such a standard when translating texts both from English into Polish and from Polish into English. They have repeatedly proven that they are a recommendable, reliable and professional translation service provider that can meet very demanding expectations.

Lantra Translations has been cooperating regularly with the staff of the Department of Adult Psychiatry of the Medical University of Lodz since March 2014. Professionalism, reliability, attention to detail and high substantive quality of the translations are the features that distinguish Lantra Translations. The execution of individual orders is carried out with due diligence, taking into account all requirements of the Department's academic staff and always within the agreed deadlines. With the above in mind, we recommend Lantra Translations as a reliable and trustworthy partner providing translation services.

For many years, as an academic researcher, I have been cooperating with Lantra Translations and Mr. Piotr Lewandowski and commissioning scientific papers and articles on psychiatry and psychology with elements of statistics to be translated into English. These are often very demanding and specialized texts, which require great skills and extensive knowledge. All the translations ordered so far have been completed on time and accurately. They did not raise any objections from the reviewers. Fully convinced, I recommend Lantra Translations as a reliable and professional translation services provider.

Lantra Translations regularly translates various types of texts as well as marketing, commercial and promotional materials for Fabryka Wełny Hotel. So far, cooperation has been at the highest level. Lantra Translations is distinguished by its flexible and open approach to the client, as well as quickly responding to our needs when performing professional translations in a short time. Lantra Translations is a reliable, honest and recommended partner.

Brenntag Polska, a leading distributor of chemical raw materials in Poland, has been cooperating with Lantra Translations with regard to translating specialist and commercial documents from English into Polish since 2017. Our cooperation so far has been smooth and the high level of service has met all our expectations.

Lasotronix has been cooperating with Lantra Translations for several years on projects related to the translation of technical documentation, laser equipment manuals as well as commercial and training materials. All the translations to date have been carried out professionally, with due diligence and in accordance with the standards. I would like to recommend Lantra Translations as a trustworthy partner.

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